June 6th Sculpture Evergreen Installation of 2015-16 Sculpture Walk
Saturday, June 6th, Evergreen residents and visitors will see groups of people standing around, tinkering with tools and welding torches and using heavy equipment. The day marks the 21st annual sculpture installation sponsored by Sculpture Evergreen—Art for the Mountain Community. The organization's Board members and volunteers will remove those sculptures that have been on display since last June, and will replace them with sixteen new sculptures, which will be on view throughout the upcoming year as part of the Evergreen Sculpture Walk. The sculptures were selected through a national competition. Artists will be bringing their sculptures from as far away as New York City and as nearby as Denver and Pine. Among the sites where they may be viewed are Downtown Evergreen, Buchanan Ponds and Evergreen Lake.
June 13 Sculpture Saturday
June 13th, between 1:00 and 3:00 pm, Sculpture Evergreen and Evergreen Downtown Business Association will host the first ever Sculpture Saturday in Downtown Evergreen, "An Afternoon of Sculpture and Ice Cream."
Lemonade will be served at Evergreen Baskin Robbins or Beau Jo's. Participants in a scavenger hunt will fill in answers to questions about the new sculptures on bingo cards. Once the answers are correctly filled in, participants win a free ice cream or slice of pizza. The winner of a drawing at the end of the day will be awarded a special gift basket. Timothy Flood, the creator of the popular 'Stanger Reduction Zone,' located in front of Evergreen National Bank, will demonstrate the making of a sculpture outside Beau Jo's Pizza.
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