"Reverse Prometheus" by Jimmy Descant at Buchanan Ponds "Amazon with Divine Geometry" by Russell Whiting at Daniel Diamonds "How Do You Feel Today?" by Shohini Ghosh at Evergreen Post Office "Horse with No Name" by Deborah Jang at Keys on The Green "I've Been Kissed" by Pokey Park at Evergreen Nature Center "Crush" by Mark Yale Harris at Go Paint "Always There for You" by Ivan Kosta at Baskin Robbins "Say Cheese" by Justin Deister at Beau Jo's "Triskele" by Pete Stecher at Main Street Fine Art Gallery "Guidance" by Debra Zelenak at Evergreen Crafters "Red Dress" by Shohini Ghosh at Evergreen Glass and Metal Arts Gallery "Stranger Reduction Zone" by Timothy Flood at Evergreen National Bank "A Feather's Flight" by Debra Zelenak at Evergreen National Bank "Hard Right Turn: Sparrow" by Robert Porreca at Lutheran Church of The Cross "Sound Fountain" by Maureen Hearty at Kittredge Town Park "Ego" by Jacob Novinger at EMWD Kittredge Ev Fire and Rescue

2014-2015 Sculpture Walk

All of the pieces in the Sculpture Walk are available for purchase directly through Sculpture Evergreen. Please call us for more information about making one of these wonderful sculptures a permanent part of your environment and/or our community.

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1 - Reverse Prometheus
2 - Amazon with Divine Geometry
3 - How Do You Feel Today?
4 - Horse with No Name
5 - I've Been Kissed
6 - Crush
7 - Always There for You
8 - Say Cheese
9 - Triskele
10 - Guidance
11 - Red Dress
12 - Stranger Reduction Zone
13 - A Feather's Flight
14 - Hard Right Turn: Sparrow
15 - Sound Fountain
16 - Ego

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