"Salient" by Dan Toone at Buchanan Ponds "Orion" by Jacob Novinger at Daniel Diamonds "Eye Love U" by Justin Deister at 1st Bank "Breaking the Circle" by Ivan Kosta at Evergreen Post Office "Aligned and On Point" by Sandy Friedman at Keys on the Green "New Girl" by Harold Linke at Evergreen Lake Park "The Eagle and the Hawk" by Joellen Domenico at Evergreen Nature Center "Chief Eye-Heart-Gut, Archer of the West" by Jimmy Descant at Evergreen Mountain Village "Spirit Stick Totem" by Katy Diver at Bear Creek Haircutters "On the Horizon" by Justin Deister at Beau Jo's "Vail" by James Moore at Main St. Gallery "Cultural Pedestrians 4" by Sue Quinlan at Evergreen Crafters "The Copper Scroll" by Jacob Novinger at Holly Berry "Held IV" by Dan Toone at Evergreen National Bank "The Fence" by Richard Morgan at Upper Bear Creek Rd, near Dedisse Park boundary "Flaming Giraffe" by Jacob Novinger at Lutheran Church of the Cross "Ambiguous Family" by Joe Norman at EMWD Kittredge Evg. Fire and Rescue

2016-2017 Sculpture Walk

All of the pieces in the Sculpture Walk are available for purchase direct through Sculpture Evergreen. Please call us for more information about making one of these wonderful sculptures a permanent part of your environment and/or community. Click on any of the sculptures on this page to learn more about the piece or call 303-562-0435 for info from Guide by Cell.

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1 - Salient
2 - Orion
3 - Eye Love U
4 - Breaking the Circle
5 - Aligned and On Point
6 - New Girl
7 - The Eagle and the Hawk
8 - Chief Eye-Heart-Gut, Archer of the West
9 - Spirit Stick Totem
10 - On the Horizon
11 - Vail
12 - Cultural Pedestrians 4
13 - The Copper Scroll
14 - Held IV
15 - The Fence
16 - Flaming Giraffe
17 - Ambiguous Family
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