"Ancient Protocol" by Paul Russell at Buchanan Ponds "Bliss" by Linda Johnson and Blaine Peters at Daniel Diamonds "Community Tower" by Matthew Duffy at First Bank "Red Disc X" by Gary Slater at Post Office "Colorish Horse" by Jacob Novinger at Keys on the Green "Poisson" by Charlotte and Ben Zink at Evergreen Lake Park "The Eagle and the Hawk" by Joellen Domenico at Evergreen Nature Center "Handstand" by Linda Johnson and Blaine Peters at Evergreen Mountain Vilalge "In the Midnight Garden" by Katy Diver at Bear Creek Hair, Memorial Garden "Awakening" by Nathan Slape at Beau Jo's "The Way" by Charlotte and Ben Zink at Evergreen Crafters "Head Over Heels II" by Frank Morbillo at Holly Berry "Kit Fox" by Pokey Park at Evergreen National Bank "Boat of the Universe" by Kimmerjae Macarus at Buchanan Park Trail Head "The Flaming Giraffe" by Jacob Novinger at Lutheran Church of the Cross

2017-2018 Sculpture Walk

All of the pieces in the Sculpture Walk are available for purchase direct through Sculpture Evergreen. Please call us for more information about making one of these wonderful sculptures a permanent part of your environment and/or community. Click on any of the sculptures on this page to learn more about the piece or call 303-562-0435 for info from Guide by Cell.

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1 - Ancient Protocol
2 - Bliss
3 - Community Tower
4 - Red Disc X
5 - Colorish Horse
6 - Poisson
7 - The Eagle and the Hawk
8 - Handstand
9 - In the Midnight Garden
10 - Awakening
12 - The Way
13 - Head Over Heels II
14 - Kit Fox
15 - Boat of the Universe
16 - The Flaming Giraffe
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