We Depend on Your Support
Sculpture Evergreen relies on our community for financial support each year. In a normal year we would raise essential funds by holding a raffle during the summer and inviting people to attend an annual fundraiser in September. Because of Covid, we have eliminated these activities this year, but are still counting on your generous support. We sent a fundraising appeal to our core donors in early November, and you can give any time by going to the Support page. You can also help by donating to Sculpture Evergreen on Colorado Gives Day, which has already started taking donations.

Sculpture Evergreen is a registered nonprofit organization, and is staffed by an all-volunteer Board. Funds go to education, ongoing maintenance of our permanent collection, our annual Sculpture Walk, and acquisition of new sculptures such as the Peggy Fleming Tribute and Oliver. We appreciate anything you can do to support art in Evergreen.
Saying Thank You
Last year, in celebration of our 25th anniversary, we reached out to the community to make sure all of you knew about Sculpture Evergreen. We participated in the Evergreen Rodeo, in summer art festivals, in the Summer Lake Concerts, and in other community events. We installed a new permanent sculpture: Oliver, and commissioned another: the Peggy Fleming Tribute. It was a busy year, and a lot of fun. Your response was incredible. We found so many fans and supporters among you, it was a bit overwhelming (in a good way!).

In discussing what to do to make this year special, our Board came to unanimous decision. This year is about saying thank you. We want you all to know how much we appreciate your support, your involvement, and your continuing enthusiasm for our sculptures and our efforts.
2020-2021 Sculpture Walk and Covid-19
In April, we decided to keep the 2019-2020 Sculpture Walk pieces in place for a second year. At the time, the course of the Covid pandemic was still uncertain, but we felt that it was in the artists' best interests to not ask them to travel to Evergreen in early June for the usual deinstallation and installation of sculptures and associated events. All the artists agreed, we paid them for another year, and we will postpone bringing in new art until June 2021. It was a difficult decision, as we all look forward to seeing new sculptures and meeting new artists. We had a great selection of new sculptures lined up for 2020-2021, and are hopeful that most of the artists whose art was selected will be willing to come back next June. As we all adjust to being home more, and appreciate Evergreen and what it has to offer, we hope that you all find time to get to know our current Sculpture Walk art even better now that it will be here for an extra year.
Permanent Sculpture Video
Sculpture Evergreen is pleased to share with you a video of many of our Permanent Sculptures. We will be updating the video this year to include recent additions to our collection. You can watch the video on youtube.
Support Through Amazon
Did you know that when you shop on Amazon, you can log in through smile.amazon.com and select a non-profit of your choice? Then every time you shop, a donation is made to that organization. We welcome you to support Sculpture Evergreen through your Amazon purchases. Thank you!
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