"Planting Evergreen" by Tom Ware at Evergreen Library"Spirits of the Land" by Madeline Wiener at Evergreen Lake House"The Foreman" by Laura Mehmert at Hiwan Homestead Museum"Spirit of the Rockies" by Ivan Kosta at Evergreen Parkway & Stagecoach Blvd"Leap Frog" by Gene Milway at Wulf Recreation Center"The Bison" by Gary Monaco at Colorado Bistro"Meeting of Like Minds" by Ed Haddaway at Wilmot Elementary"The Athlete" by Nancy Golden at Evergreen Metro District Garden"Check It Out" by Jerry Boyle at Evergreen Library"Spirit of Evergreen" by Rich Krupicka at Ponderosa Drive & Highway 74"Ann Louise" by David Wright at Evergreen Lake House"Zephyr" by Tom Woodward at Bergen Park Roundabout"African Queen" by Edie Knapp Nelson at Bergen Village Shopping Center"Voices" by Tom Newport at Center Stage"Kelle III" by Tom Ware at Evergreen Lake House"Ravens" by Gary Monaco at Senior Resource Center"Free Wheelin'" by James Haire at Buchanan Rec Center"Intimacy" by Reno Carollo at Highland Haven/Creekside Inn"The Firefighter" by Laura Mehmert at Evergreen Fire Rescue Training Center"Setting The Pace" by Jane DeDecker at Evergreen Fire Rescue Training Center"Polar Bears" by Dollores Shelledy at Buchanan Rec Center"Morning Spirits" by Susan Geissler at Java Groove"New Moon Dancing" by Reven Marie Swanson at La Plaza Office Park"Oh God" by Maureen K. Scott at Evergreen Metro District Garden"Peace" by Lorri Acott-Fowler at Mt. Evans Hospice Inc."Monday" by Maureen K. Scott at East end of downtown Evergreen boardwalk"Blanche" by Dollores Shelledy at Buchanan Ponds"Bob the Dinosaur" by Greg Wasil at Stagecoach Park"Bear Chair" by Julie Jones Denkers at Evergreen Lake House"Wulf Winds" by Tim Upham at Wulf Park"Stranger Reduction Zone" by Timothy Flood at Evergreen National Bank"I've Been Kissed" by Pokey Park at Buchanan Ponds"Bountiful River" by James Moore at Center for the Arts Evergreen"Kit Fox" by Pokey Park at Beau Jo's"The Peace Signs" by Scott Froschauer at Evergreen Middle School"Breathe" by Scott Froschauer at Evergreen Middle School"Oliver" by Jeff Best at RE/MAX Alliance at Stagecoach Blvd"Peggy Fleming Tribute" by Harold Linke at Lake House"High Country Summer" by Veryl Goodnight at Evergreen Design Center"Spirit of Gving" by Ted Wilson at Mt. Evans Home Healthcare and Hospice

Permanent Sculptures

Sculpture Evergreen, formerly Art for the Mountain Community, maintains and displays 40 permanent sculptures in the Evergreen area. All were acquired through donations from and the support of local individuals, businesses, and organizations. The map shows the locations of these pieces, most of which are outside and accessible 24/7. To learn more, click on an image below or call Guide by Cell at 303-562-0435 and enter the sculpture number to listen to a recording about the piece.

For a map showing the locations of the permanent sculptures, visit local businesses or the Chamber of Commerce, or click here to Download the Trail Map for an online version.
101 - Planting Evergreen
102 - Spirits of the Land
103 - The Foreman
104 - Spirit of the Rockies
105 - Leap Frog
106 - The Bison
107 - Meeting of Like Minds
108 - The Athlete
109 - Check It Out
110 - Spirit of Evergreen
111 - Ann Louise
112 - Zephyr
113 - African Queen
114 - Voices
115 - Kelle III
116 - Ravens
117 - Free Wheelin'
118 - Intimacy
119 - The Firefighter
120 - Setting The Pace
121 - Polar Bears
122 - Morning Spirits
123 - New Moon Dancing
124 - Oh God
125 - Peace
126 - Monday
127 - Blanche
128 - Bob the Dinosaur
129 - Bear Chair
130 - Wulf Winds
131 - Stranger Reduction Zone
132 - I've Been Kissed
133 - Bountiful River
134 - Kit Fox
135 - The Peace Signs
136 - Breathe
137 - Oliver
138 - Peggy Fleming Tribute
139 - High Country Summer
140 - Spirit of Gving

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