"Toro! Junior" by Jacob Novinger at Center for the Arts Evergreen "Thoughtful Minds" by Charlotte Zink at Center for the Arts Evergreen "Change" by Charlotte Zink at Buchanan Ponds "Wind Swept" by Barry Ferich at Evergreen Post Office "Red Rover" by Pati Stajcar at Lakepoint Center "Cloud Busters" by Maureen Hearty at Evergreen Mountain Village "Hamish MacSmug" by Susan Norris at Baskin Robbins "Light Hearted Drummer" by Jodie Bliss at Bear Creek Hair Garden "Magnify" by Kirk Seese at Evergreen Crafters "The Two of Us" by Yenny Cocq at Evergreen National Bank "Happy Dance" by Richard Pankratz at Holly Berry/Sisters "Bugling Elk" by Jeff Best at Church of the Cross

2021-2022 Sculpture Walk

Welcome to this year's Sculpture Walk. This year we have 10 new sculptures from Colorado artists as well as artists from New Mexico, New Jersey, Maryland, Michigan, and Idaho. All sculptures in this year's Walk are here until June 2022, and are available for purchase. In addition, we have retained Bugling Elk and Red Rover from last year's Sculpture Walk in response to popular demand.

Please call us at 720-608-1278 or email for more information about making one of these wonderful sculptures a permanent part of your environment and/or community.

Click on any of the sculptures on this page to learn more about the piece or call 303-562-0435 for info from Guide by Cell.

For a map showing the locations of the Sculpture Walk pieces, visit local business or the Chamber of Commerce, or click Download Trail Map below for an online version.

We are looking for sponsors for this year's Walk pieces. In return for a $1000 sponsorship donation, we will place a plaque on the sculpture of your choice noting your personal or business's support of Sculpture Evergreen. Please contact Bob Zavodsky at 303-674-1518 for more information about sponsorship opportunities.

Download Trail Map

1 - Toro! Junior
2 - Thoughtful Minds
3 - Change
4 - Wind Swept
5 - Red Rover
6 - Cloud Busters
7 - Hamish MacSmug
8 - Light Hearted Drummer
9 - Magnify
10 - The Two of Us
11 - Happy Dance
12 - Bugling Elk

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