"Ancient Protocol" by Paul Russell at Buchanan Ponds "Large Stone Mobile" by David Montague at Buchanan Park Trailhead "The Peace Signs" by Scott Froschauer at Evergreen Middle School "Breathe" by Scott Froschauer at Evergreen Middle School "Oliver" by Jeff Best at RE/MAX Alliance at Stagecoach Center "Whirlwind" by Gary Slater at Evergreen Post Office "Red Rover" by Pati Stajcar at Lakepoint Center "A River Runs Through It" by Lyle Clift at Denver Mountain Parks at Evergreen Lake "Into the Mix" by Sue Quinlan at Evergreen Mountain Village "Concentricity" by Fedrico Aguirre at Bear Creek Hair, Memorial Garden "Why Oh Why" by Jade Windell at Antique Gallery "In the Balance of Time" by Victoria Patti at Evergreen Crafters "Lotus" by Charlotte & Ben Zink at Holly Berry "Sandstorm" by Justin Deister at Evergreen National Bank

2018-2019 Sculpture Walk

All of the pieces in the Sculpture Walk are available for purchase directly through Sculpture Evergreen. Please call us for more information about making one of these wonderful sculptures a permanent part of your environment and/or community. Click on any of the sculptures on this page to learn more about the piece or call 303-562-0435 for info from Guide by Cell.

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1 - Ancient Protocol
2 - Large Stone Mobile
3a - The Peace Signs
3b - Breathe
4 - Oliver
5 - Whirlwind
6 - Red Rover
7 - A River Runs Through It
8 - Into the Mix
9 - Concentricity
10 - Why Oh Why
11 - In the Balance of Time
12 - Lotus
13 - Sandstorm
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